busy bee.

Just another busy week in the life.  I am in full swing with an audit of a Fortune 500 company . . . which is a great thing to put on the résumé, but it is a VERY painful process.  I am working seven days a week and averaging 4 hours a sleep a night.  The thing that keeps me sane is my co-workers (and Diet Coke).  I am left again wondering how much return I will get for the sweat equity I have put into this gig.  Time will only tell.

Due to work, social activities are on the back burner, but I did manage to make it out to a bachelorette party tonight.  I appreciated that it was a classy affair with wine and cheese and no cheap party favors with male-specific body parts.  It was a very rare bread of bachelorette party.  I can’t count how many times I’ve followed around a bride while she solicits men to suck for a buck (no offense to those brides whom I dearly love), but I’ve been to so many of them I can barely keep track!  Frankly those affairs are simply exhausting for all parties involved.  Specifically I feel bad for the men who run into the bachelorette party . . . poor guys paying a dollar for a sucker.  PLUS, bachelorette parties tend to bring out “woo girls” (a subject of the amazing show, How I Met Your Mother) or at least the woo girl side of most girls.  A woo girl is the exact opposite of me, so generally these types of situations do not please me.  Clearly if there ever comes a day when I am lucky enough to be a bachelorette, I am going to be low key gal.  Trivial Pursuit and gin and tonics?  I think so.  Considering this event is not in the foreseeable future, I have time to mull on it.  Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind . . . or I’ll morph into a giddy woo girl.


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