A Funny Thing Happened.

Woah . . . I’ve been behind on writing.  So much has happened in just two weeks.  Here is a synopsis of the past two weeks of my life:

(1) Still working like a mad woman.  T-Minus 9 days until the craziness temporarily subsides.

(2) Turned 25.  I had a great outing with great friends.  It was a perfect evening!

(3) Worked some more.

(4) Had a wonderful 4th of July weekend with friends.  I was only almost killed by fireworks once.  Whew. 

(5) Oh yeah . . . I worked. 

(6) I went on a great first date.  This is no lie. 


I will expand on that last point.  While I have not been on too many first dates in my life, I will rank this as the best.  It was fun, effortless, and sweet.  I very much enjoyed my company and we’ll see where this goes . . . maybe it won’t go anywhere, but maybe it will.  That’s the fun of the first date.  Maybe I’ll divulge more later, but for now I’ll keep my cards close to my chest.  I will tell you that I’m glad I avoided the on-line dating scene for now.


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