life goes on.

Life is slowly coming to a new normal!  This week I did not work past 7:30 PM on any single night.  My average departure time was actually 6:00.  CRAZY.  I just have to make it through another week, and then I am released to go on vacation!!

I don’t have any immediate plans for my upcoming week of vacation.  This is only slightly scary since I’m afraid if I don’t make plans, I’ll just end up folding and working over my time-off.  Hopefully, I can manage to get all my work done so I can actually relax.

My one plan does involve a trip to Minnesota to attend my former roommate’s wedding.  This wedding has been a long-time in the making since the bride and groom dated virtually all of college.  They began dating around the same time as “the ex” and I, but clearly went down another path.  This wedding has gotten me to thinking about “what could have been.”

In May when I was attending the wedding of another of my former roommates (there were 6 of us in one house), the mother of the bride told me “we always thought you’d be the first to get married.”  Confidence BOMB dropped from 50,000 feet.  My first reaction was mild offense, but the more I pondered that very thought, the more I realized she was right.

If you looked at my college life, it was pretty dull at best.  I might as well been a married woman.  Ugh.  I was definitely the girl in the “serious relationship” whose world revolved around said relationship.  Anyone on the outside (i.e. roommate’s mom) would have thought we were destined to wed not long after graduation.  Thank goodness we never let ourselves do that.  What an awful and immature decision that would have been.  They always say that everything happens for a reason, and I think they’re right.  I learned a lot from that relationship . . . mostly what the signs of a bad relationship are . . . seriously.

The bottom line is that “what could have been” was a lifetime of putting up with a sub-par relationship just because we were scared of being alone.  Woah . . . SCARY. 

Good news is that life goes on.  In fact, I would say that after a few years of happy single life . . . drum roll . . . I am dating.  I had a second date with TJ (my acronym to protect this mystery man).  The best second date I’ve ever had (this guy has a serious streak going).  We had the perfect midwest date including fishing, star gazing, and the county fair.  Third date is in the works, and I have even asked him to accompany me to the roommate’s wedding.  Scary but kind of exciting.     

I will continue to provide updates as this adventure unfolds.  My immediate weekend plans are not nearly as exciting . . . baby shower, work, planning my UK trip (less than 40 days away I believe), and having Sunday lunch with my family.  Okay . . .  that is actually a full schedule.  I also would like to find a super cute dress for the Minnesota wedding, but there’s always next weekend too!


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