life update.

For once my lack of blogging is related to living life versus living work.  it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks.

The month started out quite frustrating.  I was scheduled to have a week of vacation, but then felt guilted by my manager to work during my PTO (yes I realize that I am giving far too much to my career).  I was VERY upset by this . . . which was primarily the result of fatigue resulting from eight months of straight work.  This was all very frustrating and difficult to process, but a small miracle did save me.  Someone in the firm was actually looking out for my well-being!  The partner on my job knows how frustrated/tired I have been, and he really understood that I NEEDED this vacation for my sanity.  He called me up on Monday and told me that they were making changes to my schedule to allow me to take that vacation at a later date, and then on Wednesday he explicitly told me to walk out of the audit room at 2PM and to not look back.  I followed directions.  When you boss says leave . . . you listen and never look back.  So I actually got two days of vacation that week, which is better than zero!

That weekend I had a mini vacation planned to go to my roommates wedding in Minnesota.  I headed up to the Twin Cities with my friends J&M early (and I mean EARLY . . . aka 5AM) Friday morning.  We did some hard-core MoA shopping, which resulted in the purchase of these lovely Sperry Topsiders.  I had some self-control on my spending!  We shopped until we dropped around 4:00, and headed to check-in at the motel.  I conveniently napped until my wonderful date (yes TJ), arrived.  We enjoyed a wonderful weekend together (ah yes . . . and a wonderful wedding).  Among the highlights:  my first Twins game at Target Field, the lovely weather, late night chats on the golf course, salmon dinner, flying with TJ, and just loving life.  It was fantastic.  The weekend ended with TJ dropping me off at the airport for my trip to Orlando for training.  I didn’t want to leave.

Training in Orlando was . . . training.  I tried to learn what I could and enjoy time away from the office with my co-workers.  One night I participated in a focus group related to women at the firm, and felt like I actually made valid comments that might be considered by senior leadership.  I also enjoyed plenty of free wine and good conversation.

I made it back home safely from Orlando late last week . . . enjoyed another day of PTO . . . had another wedding (sounds like déjà vu right?!?).  There were a couple of awesome surprises in there too, including a visit on Saturday from one of my VERY bestest friends J, who is moving across the country.  We enjoyed good conversation and some Red Mango (delicious)!  I also enjoyed a spontaneous trip to visit TJ.  I was not expecting to see him at all this weekend, and I made the “short” drive to visit.  It was worth it.  He grilled me an amazing “lupper” (lunch/supper) which included steak, corn, and some amazing stuffed mushroom things.  We then went boating on the lake.  I was convinced to go tubing, and consequently I am SORE today.  I can’t remember the last time I tubed (probably 10 years ago with Dr. Burt) . . . but it was actually kind of fun.  The weather was gorgeous . . . and it ended up to be a surprisingly perfect Sunday.  I generally dislike surprises, but this spontaneous fun is something I can enjoy.  

For those wondering . . . TJ and I have not had the “DTR” and I am not really planning to . . . maybe the pros and cons of a “DTR” will be another blog post.  For now I am just enjoying life as it is.

P.S.  Third wedding in a row this weekend.  This is one of TJ’s friends . . . big road trip!


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