Less than 24 hours until the grand European adventure.  I am nervous and excited . . . but I am ready to go.  I have successfully packed enough belongings into a carry on to last me 10 days (and yes I will be wearing things more than once . . . I’m so not above that).  I have learned my travel skills from the master Rick Steves.  He is a big believer in simple travel, which sometimes means sacrificing looking stylish and modern . . . but realistically . . . I wasn’t looking to hang out with Prince Harry or Pippa Middleton on this trip, so looking stylish is not a high priority.  I have packed a couple of scarves to jazz up my solid colored t-shirts, that’s about as crazy as I’ve gotten!  I hardly consider my 10 days one carry-on bag an accomplishment after I did the same for a 21 day trip.  This was a breeze!

I probably won’t keep up with the blog while I’m gone . . . internet isn’t free and I’m going to focus on being in London!  I will definitely be updating things upon my return.  I cannot believe it will be September when I get back!  Time for football and sweatshirts.  Woot!


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