loving life.

It’s been awhile since I’ve penned my thoughts to the blog . . . apologies.  BUT I have been insanely busy living life.

I am simply happy.  What a wonderful feeling.

London was great!  It was just what the doctor ordered for me.  An independent adventure for ME, and a total escape from work for ten days.  We accomplished every major thing we wanted to do on the trip, and I don’t have any regrets.  We spent the first 6 days of our trip in the London city limits exploring all the major sites (including a virtually complete royal wedding tour, excluding actually seeing any royalty).  My favorite sites of the trip kind of surprised me . . . I LOVED the Churchhill War Rooms Museum and the Tate Modern Museum.   I know what you are thinking . . . I flew half way across the world an my favorite parts were museums?!?  True.  The Churchill Museum was fascinating and very well put together.  The Tate Modern was beautiful and whimsical.  I know a lot of people hate modern art, but I far prefer it to boring stuffy old stuff.  There is only so much Renaissance art that one can look at (in my humble opinion).  After six days in London proper, we began to feel like natives with our tube navigation skills, our cute corner pub finds, and our constant complaining about the high price of everything!  For the last days of our trip we traveled to Windsor, Oxford, Stonehenge, and Bath.  It was nice to see the country side and smaller town life in England.  Next time I venture to Europe, I hope to visit Wales and Scotland to get the bigger picture of the United Kingdom!  (And there will be a next time!)  See a few photos below 🙂

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So obviously a lot has happened domestically since the London trip.  I’ve been back to work . . . yey.  It’s hasn’t been too bad.  We’re in recruiting season trying to convince people to slave away for the sake of their future careers.  I really enjoy this part of the job, too bad it takes a lot of extra time, but no extra money.  It helps me remember what I like about my career, which is a challenge sometimes.  It feels like winter is just around the corner, so hopefully I can keep my positive outlook going into the busiest time of the year!

TJ and I are still having an amazing time!  I just got back from visiting him in Iowa.  We saw two disappointing football games (Iowa State and my little brother’s high school team), but still had a good time together.  Plus he met the parents . . . plus several extended family members . . . eeks.  I am enjoying my time with him immensely, but I’m starting to worry about winter and how that will stink big time with our distance issue.  I guess the good news is that I see a future into the winter!

Life is great!  Blog again soon hopefully!


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