weekend update.

Well friends.  I am in Nebraska this weekend just living the life.  It’s been one of the few weekends I haven’t spent with TJ, so that’s different.  I must remind myself that I did the single girl weekends many times before this, and I will undoubtedly survive.  Nevertheless, I would probably rather hang out with him.  I think that that’s a good sign for me . . . I miss the guy . . . but definitely know that my world doesn’t absolutely revolve around him (aka I still do my own thing!)  In my opinion, and the opinion of a fabulous book I once read call “Why Men Love Bitches,” most girls become way too nice and needy once they finally snag a guy.  I am always reminded to retain my confidence and independence because those are not dependent on my relationship status!  (I know that sounds like a bad self-help book . . . but seriously!)

Since it’s been a while since my last update I will give you a synopsis of happenings:

  • I joined the iPhone world.  Blackberry I love you, but you needed to move faster in the app arena.  I am definitely in love with my little device, especially my personal assistant Siri.  The artificial intelligence makes me feel like my phone is alive!  I warned TJ that if my phone fulfilled too many of my needs he may be out of the picture.
  • There was slight drama with the delivery of my iPhone.  I will be writing letters to Sprint and UPS with some pointed language in hopes of them changing their awful Company policies and treatment of customers.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for good citizens though.
  • I went to Iowa last weekend to see my brother play football again.  Other brother was also home for fall break, so he go a chance to meet and evaluate TJ.  The results were positive.
  • TJ and I tried our hand at making buffalo wings with good results.  The previous week we successfully conquered crab rangoon.  We are pretty good chefs.
  • I worked a relatively normal work schedule this week, and hopefully should continue to in the coming weeks.
  • I am feverishly trying to read the remainder of my book club book (which I selected) before next Thursday.  I am at 60% on my Kindle.  We’ll see if I succeed!

In other news.  All my friends simply must join Pintrest.  I’m not sure exactly how to describe it to people.  It’s basically someplace where other people accumulate really cool ideas for crafts, fashion, and food and you just get to enjoy the fruits of their labor since they have decided to share their ideas on Pintrest!  For example, I found a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls.  They were a creative dinner I never would have thought of!  I had to improvise a little because I was unable to procure egg roll wrappers (SAD).  They turned out to be homemade buffalo chicken “hot pockets” due to the use of puff pastry for my wrapper.  Still delicious and easy!  See some pictures of my creation below!  (Note all pictures were taken by my iPhone, which I am pretty sure has more mega pixels than my current digital camera.  Weird!)

One thought on “weekend update.

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