decision 2012.

Apologies that my blogging has been spotty (which is a generous term based on my performance).  During my last entry, I was pondering a big decision . . . and now I have finalized that decision.

For the last couple of months I have officially been job searching for positions closer to TJ.  I am so happy about the prospect of being closer to home, closer to TJ, and out of my current job.  Job searching has been an interesting process.  I know I am qualified to do just about anything in my field, but had a hard time communicating that on my resume . . . which had to be completed from scratch because I could not find ANY remaining artifacts from my college resume (yup the last time I interviewed for a job was 2007).  Once I got my resume put together, I was off and running.

I have submitted my resume many times to no response (which I just find to be completely rude), had one phone interview, and one actual full blow interview . . . which actually resulted in a job offer!  While this offer was extremely close to TJ, offered a competitive salary, and a fun work environment.  However, they were a start-up company and seemed to be working even MORE than I am, so I promptly turned that opportunity down.  Who knows . . . some day when they hit it big, I may regret missing out on the stock options they offered.  I decided that in the end, it seemed like the same problem but a different place.  It was nice to know I was desirable, but now I am scared that nothing else with come up!

Good news though . . . I do have another opportunity that I will be investigating (via an interview) this Friday!!  I am super pumped about this one.  Good company and good location.  This may be it!  Cross your fingers and say your prayers.  I am really excited to have the opportunity to interview with the Company, and I am hoping it is a good fit for me, so I can make my way east!

Other news, tonight I made a delicious wedge salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing.  DELICIOUS!  Thank you to the free Hy-Vee magazine for the recipe.  Also, TJ and I recently took our first official vacation to Colorado.  I simply loved spending so much time with him.  We both agreed that although we had to go our separate ways after 4 days, we still could have spent even more time together.  Sigh . . . good guy.

I have SO much to be happy about.  Just loving life.  The only thing I am dreading is leaving my dear Omaha friends.  The very good news is that it’s only 2.5 hours away.  Many visits will be possible.

Time to sleep!  I will try to write again soon!