better off alone.

No, this is not a break-up post.  This is a roommate post.

Disclaimer.  I really like my roommate.  Probably one of the best roommates I have ever had . . . but I think having a roommate again just proves, that I am at my finest when I am living solo.

I knew that after a few years of living alone, having a roommate again would be an adjustment, especially considering we are sharing one bathroom.  However, I also knew it would only be for a finite amount of time due to her impending nuptials, so I figured I could do this roommate thing again for nine measly months.

I can do this . . . but I’ll be honest . . . it has NOT been easy.  I have found this week to be one of my most pleasant in the new apartment, because I have no roommate (gone on a cruise . . .  I really hope hurricane Sandy didn’t ruin it).  Again, remember I really do like her.  I just don’t like roommates.

When you live alone, you make the rules and you don’t have to be polite or socially acceptable.  You can prance around naked while jamming out to ABBA, which of course in all other settings is highly inappropriate and embarrassing . . . primarily due to your choice in music.  When there is a mess in your apartment, it is because YOU made it, and you will get to it on your own terms.  There is no pressure to quickly resolve it, or guilt when someone else resolves it for you.  Another thing taken for granted, is defining the personality of your space.  When you live alone, if you want to have a refrigerator full of magnets and pictures of all YOUR friends covering the surfaces of your abode, you CAN!  When you have a roommate, you have to scale it back and be neutral . . . kind of like you’re living at a high priced Holiday Inn with unoffensive wall art consisting of flowers and sunrises.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely benefits.  The cost sharing RULES.  Economies of scale in the shelter and utilities with a roommate are amazing.  Other unforeseen benefits . . . impromptu meals, a built-in social crutch, and someone to help take the trash out.

After the return of my roommate stage of life, I am more convinced than ever that I am an introverted and solitary being.  To relax, I like to get away from others and be alone in my thoughts.  (Seriously people, you can stress me out).  However, the really special people in my life do not stress me and I DO want to be around them.

I always knew that someday, I would have to abandon my solo living life, and cohabitate with a man.  That man was going to have to be pretty darn special since I adore being an independent hermit.  Now that guy has been found, and while he is very special, he has certain traits of a bad roommate (MESSY!).  At least this isn’t a surprise (which is often the case when you are randomly assigned a roommate or decide to bunk up with a friend), and it has not been deemed a deal breaker.  I do realize this will probably be a source of conflict in the future . . . but I do want to remind my future self that I know he will be a good roommate in terms of emotional support, allowing me to prance around naked, snuggling, cooking, and FUN!  These traits will outweigh the one bad roommate trait that will plague him.

The good news is that I still have plenty of time to transition into a new permanent roommate, and between now and then, I will enjoy the moments of solo living that is absolute bliss!

the whirlwind adventure.

I have a good excuse for my absence.

I made the move!

After several months of job searching, things fell into place for my move closer to TJ.  I found a job in private industry that is only 45 minutes down the road from the farm.  I am still auditing, but I am the internal versus external auditor this time around.  The really amazing thing is that I now work significantly less but get paid 20% more.  I should have made the move ages ago!

That being said, my summer was crazy.  I worked like a mad woman through June/July for my last audit at the firm.  August was then spent packing up my life and saying goodbye . . . and then unpacking everything in my new locale.  September was basically a transition month as I got acclimated to the new commute, new apartment, and new job.  (I am still working on all of that!)

I am definitely loving the readjustment in my life.  My weekends no longer end with a sad, long, 2.5 hour car ride.  Instead they end with a manageable 45 minute long commute to work and a promise to see TJ again soon.

Don’t get me wrong . . . leaving was bittersweet.

As I was packing my belongings, the reality of the move hit me.  Nothing would ever be the same.   I was foregoing the life I knew and enjoyed, for the new adventure I was beginning with TJ.  It was one of those moments where I knew I would never be who I was there again.  (Are you following me with that sentence?)  This isn’t a bad thing, in fact I know in my gut it was the right thing . . . but it is a different thing.  Daily there are things I miss about old home . . . fewer crazy drivers on my commute, good girlfriends I can watch Bachelor Pad with in my sweat pants, and knowing where the perfect hole in the wall restaurants and bars are located.  There are amazing things here too though, and I am having fun exploring and trying to find my footing!
Hopefully the decrease in work hours means an increase in blog entries!  Only time will tell!