the whirlwind adventure.

I have a good excuse for my absence.

I made the move!

After several months of job searching, things fell into place for my move closer to TJ.  I found a job in private industry that is only 45 minutes down the road from the farm.  I am still auditing, but I am the internal versus external auditor this time around.  The really amazing thing is that I now work significantly less but get paid 20% more.  I should have made the move ages ago!

That being said, my summer was crazy.  I worked like a mad woman through June/July for my last audit at the firm.  August was then spent packing up my life and saying goodbye . . . and then unpacking everything in my new locale.  September was basically a transition month as I got acclimated to the new commute, new apartment, and new job.  (I am still working on all of that!)

I am definitely loving the readjustment in my life.  My weekends no longer end with a sad, long, 2.5 hour car ride.  Instead they end with a manageable 45 minute long commute to work and a promise to see TJ again soon.

Don’t get me wrong . . . leaving was bittersweet.

As I was packing my belongings, the reality of the move hit me.  Nothing would ever be the same.   I was foregoing the life I knew and enjoyed, for the new adventure I was beginning with TJ.  It was one of those moments where I knew I would never be who I was there again.  (Are you following me with that sentence?)  This isn’t a bad thing, in fact I know in my gut it was the right thing . . . but it is a different thing.  Daily there are things I miss about old home . . . fewer crazy drivers on my commute, good girlfriends I can watch Bachelor Pad with in my sweat pants, and knowing where the perfect hole in the wall restaurants and bars are located.  There are amazing things here too though, and I am having fun exploring and trying to find my footing!
Hopefully the decrease in work hours means an increase in blog entries!  Only time will tell!


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