if the algorithm fits.

Lately while enjoying a podcast on Stitcher (THE BEST APP EVER), and I came upon a show where the interviewer tested two methods of bra shopping.  The interviewer was first fit in person by Nieman Marcus’ best fitter, and then she completed a short survey through the company, True & Co, and an algorithm picked bras for her.  The algorithm picked the interviewer’s favorite bra, and I was completely inspired to try it (the marketing worked perfectly on me).

I hate bra shopping in stores.  All the pink, the pressure, and the awkwardness of over bearing employees, freaks me out.  That usually leaves me rushing out of there with the same bra I always get.  Alternatively, I LOVE online shopping in my PJ’s, so I figured this was the perfect kind of bra shopping for me.  PLUS, I had nothing to lose . . . the company pays for your return shipping of any unwanted bras and you don’t pay for them unless you decide to keep them.  Winning!

The process was super easy.  I created an account, answered some questions, and was presented with some bra choices within 10 minutes.  I made three selections and “the algorithm” selected 2.  My bras shipped to my doorstep in 3 days.  I then had the freedom to try on the bras in the comfort of my own home, trying them with various types of clothing, and really testing them.  I decided to keep 2/5 of the bras and simply sent the others back in the same box . . . shipping paid.

I am in love with the process, and will definitely be doing it again.  The bras were no more expensive than Vicki’s, they were a lot more fun than anything I have ever bought, and they fit pretty darn well!  The only downside is that there isn’t a lot of flexibility in colors , , , so if you specifically need a nude bra or a black bra, you might not have that choice.  However, they do offer strapless options etc.

If you are adventurous, and hate bra shopping as much as me, try it out using the following link:  https://trueandco.com/?ref=CEQ62R

I didn’t mean this to be a commercial . . . but I liked it THAT much.  Plus life has been awesomely boring lately.  This has been one of the more exciting things I’ve done for myself lately!  Hope you enjoy it too!


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