a lazy sunday project.

Sundays are great for naps and laziness.  However, once in a while an ambitious spirit runs through me.  Last Sunday was one of those.  Among the list of accomplishments was church, finishing a whole move (thank you free HBO weekend), mowing the lawn, haying cattle, canoeing, sipping peach iced tea, etc.  On top of all this, JT and I got crafty.

I recently spied this pallet wine rack on Pinterest (my primary source of creative juices).

Lucky for me, JT has a plethora of pallets just hanging around the farm, so we undertook the project.  (Note to readers . . . I would love to share these pallets so everyone can try trendy pallet projects . . . please take them off my hands!)

Our wine rack turned out a bit different from the example, but I love it.  I can’t wait to hang it on our walls . . . I just have to paint them an acceptable color first 🙂

Finished Product! (ignore the mess in the background)

Finished Product! (ignore the mess in the background)

This project was easier than I had even imagined . . . but it was also very helpful to have a handy man with proper tools to help too!  Our process went as follows:

  1. Find an acceptable pallet in the inventory of farm pallets.
  2. Cut the pallet strategically (basically the bottom quarter of the pallet.  Power tools are helpful for this.
  3. Remove another board from the pallet to nail to the bottom of your quarter and hold the wine in your rack.  (The pallet nails were quite strong and it helps to have  a man and a crowbar here.)
  4. Nail the board to the quarter of a pallet to create the bottom of your wine rack. (Nail gun was a big plus here).
  5. Sand and stain your pallet to taste.  We used a power-sander and elbow grease to try to smooth out the rough patches and get the surface ready for staining.  We then used an oak varnish with polyurethane because it was on hand.  Take creative license here.  It’s your wine rack, so do what fits your decor.  I am personally in love with our version.

The whole project was complete in less than 2 hours!  It was super simple and the finished project is functional and rustically beautiful.  We just have to put some anchors in the back so we can hang this baby on the wall (it will carry quite the load, 10 bottles of wine . . . so this will be a crucial exercise).

Good luck with your lazy day projects, whatever they may be!


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