the unbride bride.

I have been missing for quite some time.  Excuse me while I have been running around all summer . . . working . . . helping on the farm . . . going to weddings . . . and planning my own wedding to TJ in approximately 40 short days.

Here is my disclaimer:  I cannot wait to be married to my wonderful man and celebrate with my friends and family

Here is my confession:  I hate wedding planning.

There are some people who are cut out for this . . . and then there are people like me that cannot stand having to choose appropriate fonts for invitations, discussing table settings, and picking flowers for boutonnieres.  There are a million insignificant decisions made in the wedding process . . . and you have to remind yourself that there is only one important one.  WHO you are marrying.

The biggest stresses I have right now are as follows:

(1) I am afraid we have invited too many people.  Oops.

(2) We are DJ’ing our own wedding.  Not exactly sure how that will work . . .

(3) I am stressing about being the center of attention.  I will also probably cry a lot that day, and I am not an attractive crier.


(5) I am pretty sure I have forgotten something.

(6) Making sure our guests have fun.

Things I am not worrying about:

(1) Actually being married.

(2) The weather.

(3) Unity candle, cutting of the cake, garter toss.  Things I hate, so we are not doing.

Maybe when this is all over, I will have some profound advice for other “unbride” brides who don’t exactly adore this process.  For now, I think it would be to outsource the process if you can afford it!  (I should not complain as my own mother has done a ton!)  Otherwise, just try to keep perspective!


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