you think you’re cold?

We all complain about the weather.  Is is just a mid-western thing?  At work it is a frequent topic of conversation because it’s inoffensive and something to which we can all relate.  I will admit that I used the polar vortex as an excuse to work from home and often dread the “long” walk across the parking lot to the building when it dips below zero.  However, I have gained more perspective while I sit in my cozy warm home and watch my husband on his open-station (aka no cab . . .  open to the cold) tractor on these cold winter days.  At least I don’t work outside on days were hot water thrown in the air immediately turns to powdery snow.

Agree?  Just thank your farmer and mine for their perseverance and hearty nature during seasons like this.

And then be jealous of them when it’s 70, sunny, and no humidity.


Our cold, yet lovely winter sunset.


One thought on “you think you’re cold?

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