we’re gonna have a mess.

I am a type “A”, perfectionist, neat-freak, so our next household project is going to be a challenge for me.  We are embarking on a complete kitchen remodel.

J and I are the third generation of his family to live in our farmhouse.  I think that is a really neat fact; however, it also means that there is always plenty of work to be done.  Making matters worse, was that my former bachelor husband was the sole resident of this home for several years (meaning that basic upkeep and cleaning was a low priority).  The kitchen has been #1 on my must update list for some time, and we have finally decided to tackle the project!  I have procrastinated the project primary because it is going to be expensive, messy, and a lot of work.  Now that we’ve made a few initial decisions, the ball is rolling and it won’t stop!

Our first decision . . . cabinets.

In my dream kitchen, there are bright, beautiful, clean white cabinets.  Something like this . . .


So pretty.

Then you learn that there is a 15% up-charge on painted cabinets.  Also, your kind custom cabinet consultant gently tells you that they would be difficult to maintain on the farm.  I hate to admit she is right, and I am sure she is saving J and I from a future fight over a perfect white cabinet ruined by greasy messy hands.

Basically, this dream will remain a dream.

Our solution though is a compromise of sorts!  We are getting cherry cabinets and our moveable island will have white cabinets.  Our cherry is also going to be “knotty” so that it feels rustic and organic.  The stain color isn’t 100% decided but the kitchen is now going more in this direction (you’ll have to picture the knotty wood and disregard the ugly curtain).


Cherry cabinets from BHG

While it wasn’t my dream in the beginning, I know I can’t get everything I want.  We are headed in the right direction and I can’t wait to share the process and results!  Feel free to follow my Pinterest Kitchen Board to get real-time idea updates.


5 thoughts on “we’re gonna have a mess.

  1. We just finished a complete kitchen remodel. Just my husband & I did the work. We managed without any major arguments. Take deep breaths and everything will be okay.

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