farm fridays – we’re cold, are they?

It’s been frigid lately.  Most of the country understands that.  It’s been brutal and borderline depressing.  However, I do always remind myself I have a job with a nice warm desk unlike J.

I know we’re all cold, so I began thinking about the cattle that spend their lives outside.  Naturally, I asked J “are the cattle okay out there?”

He chuckled a bit and said “of course.”  He explained that during the winter the cattle grow an extra thick winter coat (which I can attest, that they do seem a bit more hairy in the winter months . . . kind of like they need a hair cut) and start to pack on an extra layer of winter fat.  They also have each other for body warmth since they are herding animals (aka they like to be in a big group).  J also beds the pens with corn stalks for more insulation and there are wind-breaks on the farm.  With a little extra attention and the bovine’s natural evolution, they can typically survive the cold winters just fine.

Disclaimer:  There are certainly situations that are not good for cattle in the winter.  For example, it’s not good if they get wet and then get cold or if there is blizzard and they have no wind break.  However, generally they are built to persevere (they are tougher than us!)


It’s 1 degree outside and they’re lovin’ it.

The good news is that I no longer need to worry about them in the cold.  Instead I will focus my worries on other things, upcoming remodel, impending tax deadlines, and whether I am getting enough exercise in my life!

TGIF friends!


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