oscar appetizers.

I love celebrity gossip.  It is not a very sophisticated or enlightened interest, but I am not going to apologize.  People.com is one of the 5 websites I look at daily, and I do think E! News is a legitimate news source.  Please note that I to try to balance my celebrity obsession by listening to 2 hours worth of NPR each day, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I don’t really understand why I care that Jennifer Lawrence tripped AGAIN, why I love listening to Giuliana Rancic gab about the stunningly or shockingly dressed, or why I still hold a grudge against Brad Pitt for dumping Jennifer for Angelina.  The good news is that due to my obsession, I am quite good at the popular culture related questions in Trivial Pursuit.  My knowledge was also an asset to my high school quiz bowl team from time to time.

In the life of the celebrity lover, there is no weekend more exciting than Oscars (except perhaps the Golden Globes solely because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-host).  In honor of this sacred occurrence, I threw a mini-Oscar party for J and I.  For the menu I decided on a small appetizer spread like a Super Bowl menu . . . because this is the celebrity version!  Our menu consisted of (1) wine, (2) a cheese tray, (3) saucy Asian meatballs, and (4) spinach artichoke dip (from our Better Homes and Garden cookbook – if you don’t have a copy I would HIGHLY recommend – I would share the recipe but I feel like that is copyright infringement?? Email me if you are dying to know the recipe).

our spread.

our spread.

It was a success!  The food was delicious and not too difficult to make.  There is something about a meal of appetizers that makes the evening feel kind of fancy.  Also, the special appetizers convinced J to watch the Oscars, and I felt the evening got the special attention it deserved (although I have to admit that when the DVR caught up with the live telecast, I went to bed . . . maybe I’m not that obsessed with celebrities after all!)

close up on the spinach & artichoke dip.  YUM.

close up on the spinach & artichoke dip. YUM.

I hope you all had a wonderful Oscar weekend (if you are one to celebrate!)


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