farm fridays – signs of spring.

I think we have turned a corner and there are at least 10 signs that spring is just around the corner here!

  1. The temperature has gotten above freezing consistently this week.
  2. I see more mud than snow.  (This is the messy part of spring.  It will be clean and green someday soon!)
  3. Fish fry signs on the commute remind me that lent is here!
  4. Our cow/calf friends are busy watching their herds for the newest additions.
  6. Our accountant finished our tax return.  (Sad that this CPA is not qualified to even do her own return.)
  7. Spring forward!  The days are getting longer.
  8. J and I are helping with the pig weigh-in for the county fair tomorrow.  (I get to see piglets!)
  9. Plans for the garden are in process.
  10. The flies are returning to my home.  I think 20 of them spawned at once.

This is my first spring as a farmer’s wife, and it is exciting to see the whole growing process from seed to bin.  I know this is a very busy time and I probably won’t see J as much as I would like, but so goes the farm wife’s life.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

goodbye coveralls and hats with flaps!

goodbye coveralls and hats with flaps!


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