weekend warrior.

This weekend was quite productive on the domestic front.  As previously noted, we are embarking on a major kitchen remodel (down payment for cabinets paid last week!).  Beyond that, we are doing much more around the house that involves less professional help and more personal elbow grease.

Each room will be touched by the time we are done.  Most rooms just involve a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceilings to refresh the place, but some areas will see a more drastic transformations.  Some of the work is necessary (i.e. removing the carpet from the 70’s) and some of it is simply adding my touch to the home to make it our house instead of just his!

Earlier in the year we tackled the master bedroom.  Unfortunately, we were so busy working we forgot to take before pictures.  In this room we removed wallpaper border (WORST job ever), painted walls and ceiling, ripped up carpet (to reveal awesome original oak wood floors . . . which someday we will refinish), put up blinds, and painted the trim!  It was a drastic transformation and it felt great to see the results.

A new bedroom set will come next!

A new bedroom set will come next!

The color was inspired by the quilt my Grandma made us for our wedding.  (J made the quilt rack!)

The color was inspired by the quilt my Grandma made for our wedding. (J made the quilt rack!)

Recently, we moved on to the guest bedroom.  My parents helped with the first two coats of paint, and this weekend we finished the trim, replaced the light fixture, and ripped up the carpet.  The room looks great, but we had a big disappointment with the hardwood floors.  It looks like once upon a time ago, there was a big mess (aka water damage) and it ruined the beautiful oak floors.  The situation is not salvageable, so moving to plan B we will need to decide carpet or new hardwood.

The spot that ruined my oak floor dreams

The spot that ruined my oak floor dreams

Our hard work is paying off.

The rest looks good though!

Despite the floors I would say we accomplished our goals this weekend and the room looks great!  The kitchen will probably be the focus for a while, which is good news for me so I can put the paint brush down for a bit!

Have a wonderful week!  Farm Friday will be delayed due to business travel.  Someone has to bring home the steady income!


3 thoughts on “weekend warrior.

  1. I ruined your oak floor dreams around 1994-1996. I had spilled something on the carpet floor. I didn’t want mom to know. So I soaked the carpet and floor in water and dawn to get it out. Once I realized how fun and slippery the water soap combination was, I started ‘skiing’ on the carpet, which required more water and soap. I really should have been supervised more. I’m sorry. 😦 On a positive note, I thought the floor was going to be buckled from the water damage, and it doesn’t look that way in the photo. I am forever going to feel guilty about the childhood things I did to ruin your new house.

    • That spot was definitely not you! Whatever happened there, someone new about and structurally salvaged the floor. Your dad things it was a pipe burst in the basement. We can’t exactly locate spot you are speaking of . . . so all in all you didn’t do the damage. EXCEPT, for the seashells.

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