crafty corks.

Last weekend we celebrated the wedding shower of my future sister-in-law!  It hardly seems possibly that K&G’s wedding is just mere months away, but it will be here before we know it!  I wanted to give them a gift that was personal, yet functional, for their new home (wherever that may end up being).  It didn’t take me long to decide that I was going to put my large collection of wine corks to good use.

For years, I have collected wine corks (real ones only . . . which are harder and harder to find with the popularity of synthetic and screw tops).  It started a few years ago on an airplane scanning Sky Mall (I hope I am not the only one that actually looks at it).  I saw a really neat idea for a cork board made of wine corks.  You simply bought their frame and input your corks.  Being a crafty and frugal person, rather than jumping to buy it, I tore out the section of the magazine and vowed to make my own someday.

I am proud to say I have now accomplished this goal once for me and once for my sister-in-law!  If you’re wondering, it does indeed take a lot of corks, so get to work drinking!  I save all the corks from the bottles we drink, I’ve been known to secretly pick them up from restaurant tables, and shamelessly solicit my friends and family for my collection.  It is borderline hoarder but with a purpose.

This was my first wine cork board.  Decent.

This was my first wine cork board. Decent.

I am here to tell you this is a pretty easy craft if you are looking for some new decor, and you’ll only need a few simple tools and materials.

  • Tools
    • Hot glue gun (and plenty of hot glue)
    • Exacto knife/small hacksaw/utility knife/old steak knife (something to cut corks to size and cut your foam board. . . you may need to experiment to find the best method)
    • Ruler (if you are a measure first, then cut person)
  •  Materials
    • Empty frame (my go-to source is Hobby Lobby, especially when they are 50% off)
    • Foam board
    • Wine corks (the count will depend on the size of the frame)

I didn’t take any photos during my crafting session last week, but the directions are simple.  Trust me (and contact me if you have questions)!

  1. Measure and cut foam board to fit in the frame.
  2. Hot glue the foam board to the frame.  Be generous . . . the back doesn’t need to be pretty.
  3. Place the corks on the board in whatever pattern you like (don’t glue yet).  Determine what corks will need to be cut and carefully whittle them to size.  (As I am a perfectionist, I like to outline the whole thing before gluing anything down.  I like to aesthetically mix the corks and make sure everything is cut appropriately.  Others may be okay winging it or gluing down one row and moving to the next).
  4. Execute!  Using hot glue, glue the wine corks to the foam board.

Here is the finished shower gift!

Finished Product!

Finished Product!

If you’re wondering, I am still collecting corks.  There are boundless cork crafts on Pinerest.  I think my next project may be coasters which can be made with small frames.  Good luck crafting!


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