farm fridays – gravel travel.

Gravel roads.  Nothing says rural America quite like the sound and feel of a gravel road.  I can’t say I have always appreciated these unpaved paths.  As a city girl, I typically saw them as a quick way to get your car dirty and slow way to get where you’re trying to go.  Basically, a hassle.

the back roads.

the back-roads.

Lately, I have taken my evening walks on my local gravel road, and I’m starting to gain more appreciation for the beauty that is the back roads.  Not so long ago, I took walks around my suburb.  Each turn was another cookie cutter house only a slight variation from the last.  There were manicured lawns, lap dogs, kids, basketball hoops, etc.  Those walks also had the benefit of dogs contained by invisible fences and the lack of tractor/semi traffic on the route, but I can safely say that my gravel road is vastly more interesting and beautiful.  Each day the sun and the clouds are painted in a new perspective, the plants are sprouting, and the birds are singing a chorus of songs.

I’ve also started taking the back-roads to get to my destinations (especially now that I’m starting to figure out which road goes where around here).  It isn’t always the fastest route or even the most direct, but I think the gravel roads remind me of one of life’s best lessons.  It isn’t about the getting to the destination or getting there quickly.  It’s all about enjoying the journey.

Enjoy your weekend all!  Slow down and enjoy it.


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