a disorderly home.

I am coming to you from our backyard patio (1) because it is gorgeous outside and (2) because our house is a disaster zone.

Today fresh dry wall was put up and the popcorn ceiling finally came down.  Those experienced remodelers know that this leaves dust everywhere in your home despite their best attempts to isolate the mess through plastic sheets.

This type of living is particularly tough for neat freak, type-A, organized me.  J is partly in heaven because he can wear his boots in the house for a limited time only.  This situation highlights one of the most distinct areas my husband and I differ.  A mess to me is clean to him.  My chaos is his organized.  He is taking this pretty well, and I am hating every second and want to be done.

This contrast is part of our daily lives.  Sometimes it drives me crazy, but lots of the time it makes me laugh.  Example below:

James' closet.  His version of organized.

James’ closet. His version of organized.


My closet.  Hard to tell, but it is color coordinated.

My closet. Hard to tell, but it is color coördinated.


I just found total humor in this comparison.   Our differences are certainly clear at sometimes, but I really appreciate them too.  If we were both type-A, things might be cleaner, but they’d be a lot more stressful.

So the countdown until normalcy is on!  That is until we do that next spare bedroom, the bathroom, the basement landing, etc. etc. etc.

Good night!


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