delayed farm fridays. – the farmhouse kitchen

My weekly Friday post was delayed by urgent priming and painting needs for our kitchen remodeling project.  I took a half day of PTO on Friday to prime the walls in preparation for my parents to come help us with a blitz of painting on Saturday so our cabinets can be installed early this week!!  The kitchen has been quite the obsession lately, and I promise the constant rambling about it will stop someday.  However . . . I am going to say just a bit more.

As I have mentioned before, J and I are the third generation to live in this house.  With each generation there has been a new kitchen installed.  I know that sounds a little crazy, but there are many reasons for it.  Personal tastes vary, styles changes, and each person puts their own stamp on it.  However, I would say the biggest reason for these updates is simply because the kitchen has been well-loved and used and it needs a refresh.  That space sees more traffic and use than any other area of our house, and I’m sure it was the same for J’s parents and grandparents.

The kitchen in farmhouses, and all houses for that matter, is where I think the heart and soul of the family lives.  It’s where they create meals together, talk business, serve others, and enjoy food and fellowship.   It is fun to imagine all the meals shared, laughter heard, conversations had, and memories made there.  While it won’t look the same to anyone in a few short days, it is exciting to think about the new memories that will be created in the same space . . . just with a slight facelift!

Have a great week!

Green Kitchen

The fruits of our labor this weekend!


6 thoughts on “delayed farm fridays. – the farmhouse kitchen

  1. This mom has a few sore muscles from all that painting. Thank goodness for scaffolding left behind by the contractors – certainly sped up the process.

  2. Very nice insight on the generations int he house. Ive never thought about it like that, but it is really neat to think of my father, aunts and uncles creating childhood memories in the exact same house I did.

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