remodel recap.

This spring other than planting season, our lives revolved around our kitchen remodel (as evidenced by earlier posts).  Four weeks after it started, the kitchen was functional and our lives resumed to normal.  I just realized that I hadn’t fully recapped everyone about all of our exiting changes.  There are still plenty of loose ends to tie up to call the project 100% complete, but the major leg work (and expenses hopefully) are done!

Below are some photos of the old kitchen.  The set-up wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t ideal.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the peninsula, the soffits, or the baby blue paint.  The major issue was some cabinets were not fully functional (my lazy susan was known affectionately as b#$*!y susan).  We also needed new flooring, since it was peeling up in several areas . . . we figured if we were going to invest in new floor we might as well re-do the whole shebang.

We ripped out the old kitchen and never looked back.

To make this space our kitchen once again, we installed cherry cabinets (with hardware), an apron sink, a ceramic tile floor, new appliances, under cabinet lighting, and granite counter-tops.  We also primed and painted the walls and ceiling (after the nasty popcorn was removed).  We completely rearranged the kitchen’s configuration to make it flow more smoothly and added a mobile island to extend our counter space.  We absolutely love it!

As I alluded to earlier, there is still work to be done to truly call this project complete.  We need to install the light fixtures that are sitting in our house, along with the replacement microwave that finally arrived.  Also, on the to do list is to finish painting the doors, install trim, put in a back-splash, refinish the wood floors in the dinning room area, and when we have money, install French doors to the deck.  This list is all cosmetic, so it doesn’t stress me out nearly as much!

It was a long road, but I am glad we did it now and it turned out fantastic.  For those in the area, stop by for a tour . . . and if you’re lucky a freshly cooked meal!


6 thoughts on “remodel recap.

  1. I would like to see the new kitchen and use my free steak coupon!! And hopefully this summer, but we know how fast time flies!!

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