farm friday – this is life.

Good Morning All!

This is going to be a fantastic weekend!  We’re celebrating the nuptials of my younger brother and we are excited for family, friends, and fun!  Needless to say I won’t have much time to write with the festivities, but I do have something quick to share on Farm Friday.

I don’t think I had the slightest clue what farm life was really like until Farmer J and I met 3 years ago (even then I was just scratching the surface).  I am still figuring things out (especially the names an locations of various fields), but it’s becoming part of me slowly but surely.  I’ve got a pair of rubber boots, I know what the commodity markets are doing each day, and I probably could drive a tractor in an emergency.

I’m not sure I realized quite how much I’ve taken to this lifestyle until this week when I stopped the fast forward on my DVR to watch this 30 second Fareway commercial (best grocery store ever).  In 30 seconds, this clip seemed to sum up my life (well the farm part . . . not the commuting daily to the ‘burbs me).  I didn’t just like it . . . I loved it.  I feel pride when I watch this video.  I see home when I watch this video.  Maybe I am turning into a real farm wife after all.

Take 30 seconds to watch yourself.  It will show you a snapshot of what my life is like and maybe remind you a bit about yours, or your parents, or your grandparents.

Happy Farm Friday!

Fareway Cattle Farmers from 515 Productions on Vimeo

P.S. The kitten is my favorite part!


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