on our table this week.

If you have read some of my past entries, you know I am an organizer and a planner.  Fitting right in this theme is my weekly meal planning tradition.

I began this ritual in my single lady days.  Before grocery shopping, I make a thorough list of the meals I am planning and the goods I will need.  It ends up looking something like this:

The master meal plan.

the master meal plan.

I then go the extra mile to digitize my list to the Clear app on my phone, so I have one less thing to carry around.  Recently, I have even started putting my list in the order of where I will find the item in the grocery store, so I back track a little less.  (I know this is total type-A crazy person stuff.)

To me the planning is important because I like to use fresh/unique/expensive ingredients thoughtfully and you can easily transition from one meal to another if you take time to plan it out (some people may be naturals at this, but I’m not!)  Example, if I am making Pad Thai one night, I may plan a taco night where I make guacamole with the fresh cilantro.  It also helps keep me on track at the store, and limit impulse purchases (unless I have those impulses before I get to the store . . . i.e. ice cream).  Last but not least, it reduces the weekday stress of figuring out what to make on my commute home.

I also just really enjoy the process.  I usually sit down on Saturday morning while Farmer J is doing chores, I drink coffee, have reality TV on in the background, and plan the week’s culinary adventures.  It’s my time.  I search through cookbooks and Pinterest for the perfect combination of meals.  Some weeks it’s easy and others times it’s a bit more challenging.

Here is the plan I created this week:

  • Monday – Spaghetti and French Bread
  • Tuesday – Blueberry Pancakes (to use left over blueberries from a fruit salad last week).
  • Wednesday – Stuffed French Bread with garden green beans (see what I did there?!?  We ate half the bread Monday and half Wednesday.)
  • Thursday – Crock Pot Cuban Nachos by Iowa Girl Eets
  • Friday – Eating out at the County Fair!!!

It works for me, so I am going to keep on doing it.  In the future, from time to time I will probably continue to share our week’s meal plan to potentially share some inspiration for anyone who is trying to get out of a food rut.  Sometimes it just helps to see what other people are eating!  If you need more inspiration, take a look at the Cuban Nachos below.  Farmer J kept begging for this meal repeat after our first try at this dish, and this week he was in luck.

Crock Pot Cuban Nachos.  Delicious.

Crock Pot Cuban Nachos. Delicious.

Happy eating!

P.S. I made my first entries to the county fair tonight.  Stay tuned for more details!!


One thought on “on our table this week.

  1. This is probably some sort of rebellion to your childhood as I am the “queen” of winging it when it comes to meals.

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