farm friday – status update.

Status updates are integral in the life of an auditor (and probably a lot of other business professions).  Everybody needs a status update on everything . . . sometimes we spend more time talking about the status of our projects than executing our work!

I’ve covered many topics recently on “Farm Friday” including our garden, corn progress, and of course the great mouse debacle.  It’s high time for a brief status update on each topic.

The Garden

To put it bluntly, the garden is out of control.  More specifically, the cucumbers are out of control.  Farmer J’s grand plan was to plant enough cucumbers to produce 52 quarts of pickles.  I think we are about half-way there!  If you haven’t had experience with cucumber plants, they seem to act as an invasive species, knocking down anything in their path.  Our award-winning dill plants have been smothered, the onions are buried, and they started encroaching on the beans until I recently pulled them up for the season.

Attack of the cucumbers!

Attack of the cucumbers!

While it is a little out of control, the garden has been uber productive.  The snap peas never seemed to quit, we finally had success with green beans, the brussel sprouts are coming on strong, and the tomatoes will be following very soon!  Even if we don’t get another vegetable from the garden, I would consider it a successful year!

The Corn

I drive by corn fields everyday, and I knew it was tall.  Today I walked out into the field, and it is confirmed, it is REALLY TALL (like 7ft).  The tassels have been out since a little after the 4th of July, and we have pollinated!  If you aren’t intimately familiar with corn, the tassels are the spindles on top of the corn that contain the pollen.  These tassels shed their pollen, which then falls on the silks of the ear shoot.  The pollen + silk combination forms an ear of corn!  The ear of corn will continue to grow for about another 30 – 45 days (unscientifically speaking and unvalidated . . . just a guess from Farmer J).  It also means harvest is not that far around the corner.

The Mouse

In case you missed it, I had an unexpected passenger in my car last week.  We set the trap line after my tall glass of recovery wine, waited patiently, and . . . nothing.

Empty trap = mouse gone or mouse still on the loose.

Empty trap = mouse gone or mouse still on the loose.

There hasn’t been a single sighting or clue that the guy is still around.  Farmer J is convinced I successfully chased him out and just didn’t realize it due to my hysteria.  I still think he is lurking in the car, eating my wires to survive, and will approach me when I least expect it.  I sure hope he is right and not me!

That wraps up the farm status update for the week!  Enjoy your weekend!!


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