leather bound books and rich mahogany.

Our home improvement adventures seemed to slow with the summer months . . . more yard work, beautiful weather, and a bountiful garden meant less time indoors!  However, we were recently inspired to tackle our smallest room a few weeks ago, and the results are very positive!

This little room (9X11 if I remember my measurements right) is attached to our living room and currently has no door.  Recently it has served as junk storage, but in a former life, it was Farmer J’s childhood room and also the sleeping quarters for my father-in-law and his two brothers!  Besides being small, the room had old dirty carpet that got was removed earlier this spring, a deer head (a relic from Farmer J’s hunting youth), and wood paneling.  I had originally wanted to paint the paneling, but I begrudgingly agreed to keep because I thought Farmer J should have SOME say in the aesthetics of our home.  Keeping the deer head was also a concession . . . I felt bad coming in with my candles, pictures, and wall hangings as if he didn’t live here too.  The wood paneling and deer head give it the manly touch.

Here is what the little room looked like before the transformation (and during ceiling and closet painting).

From the beginning, our vision for this room was a library . . . where we could sit, relax, have a cocktail, and get away from the television.  Whenever, we talked about the wood-paneled library, I couldn’t help but envision Ron Burgundy of Anchorman fame saying “I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” (Anybody else love that movie as much as me?!?)

The room came together quickly thanks to online shopping at Pier 1 for our rug and Target for our ottoman, a quick trip to Redeckers for the chair, lamp, and end table, and a semi-free weekend together to paint and decorate!  It was one of the more fun projects we’ve done, since there was very little painting and we were both excited to see our library dream come true!

Check it out!

I have to say, I am proud of us.  The room is perfect!  It is a blend of sophisticated and rustic which is perfect for a farm house.  I also hate to admit it, but the deer head and the wood paneling really just make the whole thing better.  I am so excited to spend many nights together in our library shutting out the background noise of the world.


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