old friends.

Are you lucky enough to have old friends? I am talking those friends that knew you when you were a dorky middle-schooler and went by nicknames like “Spaz,” those that you spent hours “scooping the loop” with when you turned 16, or those that loved you when you were a brace-face (especially if that period was in college). If you are that lucky, join the club because I have the best old friends . . . and here is why:

  1. Explanations aren’t needed. When we are together, there is no rehashing our earlier lives. We were there. We know. We just get it.
  2. Laughter, especially until your stomach aches.  There is a lot of that.
  3. We haven’t seen each other in months and we’ve played phone tag in-between . . . no hard feelings. Let’s just talk about life now. How do you feel, what’s going well, and more importantly what sucks? We want to hear it all because it all matters.
  4. Friends’ families = an extended family. Old friends’ parents, siblings, grandparents, husbands, children, in-laws, etc. become my family. It is a circle of love.  Everyone cares.
  5. Memories.  We each have a different perspective on our historic adventures. Being with my old friends is like spending time with living and breathing scrapbooks.
  6. Crowd-sourcing. Got a problem? Ask the group. It can be an unofficial poll or a group text. The trivial and the serious are better tackled as a unit sometimes . . . and even if you don’t take the advice, your decision is still supported.
  7. Being weird. My old friends aren’t afraid to let their freak flags fly. Being 100% you, even if it’s strange, is supported and encouraged.
  8. Role models. As old friends, we’ve experienced a lot of milestones together but we’ve also reach a few independently. There is someone to guide us in our future adventures.
  9. Diversity.  Varying personalities, political beliefs, religions, and thoughts on bikinis vs. one-piece bathing suits make things interesting and better.
  10. Support.  When I started this blog, I was scared. My audience was my 4 oldest friends. They read it and liked it. They cheered me on, and I still don’t care if they are the only ones who read it. It’s not a secret, but I am a big fan of them too . . . whether it’s raising two young children and maintaining a demanding career, going to grad school and saving lives, or leading crew in the Air Force and hiking mountains . . . I think my old friends are doing the greatest things!

Much love to all the old friends out there. Especially mine.


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