delayed farm friday – harvest is here.

Since we returned from Alaska, summer has slipped away and fall has made its entrance.  There is a chill in the air, football fills the airwaves, scarves and boots are emerging from closets, and the corn is drying up with very little green color left in the leaves.

it's drying up out there.

it’s drying up out there.

Fall is my most favorite season.  For a long time it meant pumpkin spice lattes, apple spice candles, and the return of leggings to my wardrobe.  Now as a farmer’s wife, fall distinctly means that it’s time for harvest.  After watching the corn grow all spring and summer, it’s time to reap the bounty.  It’s officially time for long nights alone, riding in the tractor to speak to my husband, and making meals to feed a hungry crew.

I am a pretty independent person, and I truly appreciate solitude; however, I am a bit anxious for this stage of farming.  I have gotten quite comfortable having regular meals with Farmer J, going to bed early, and having daily face to face discussions with him.  Beginning today, we will be ships in the night.  I am leaving early, he is getting in late, and in between we’re working.

It’s all temporary and necessary . . . but I am not sure it’s going to be fun.  That being said, I realize that we can’t wait, because the corn isn’t getting any younger!

ripe for the picking.

ripe for the picking.

Stay tuned for more harvest fun!


5 thoughts on “delayed farm friday – harvest is here.

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