delayed farm friday – harvest on hold.

Last week harvest was in full swing.  Several inches has since stopped progress in its tracks, and harvest is officially on hold.  The fields are too muddy to run the heavy equipment through, so the tractors will sit idle until the weather cooperates.

When harvest is on hold, farmers enjoy a slice of normal life again and savor the moments while it lasts.  With the husband free, we’ve splurged on nights out and enjoyed time with friends.  We’ve gone to bed early and slept in just a bit later.  We EVEN managed to find time to install our dinning room lighting (yes . . . it’s been sitting in our living room since our major remodel).

We have light!

We have light!

So, needless to say it has not been a very exciting week here, but it has been refreshing to have my husband back . . . even if I know it’s only temporary.  Eventually the ground will dry, and equipment will be rolling trough the fields again.  I am going to enjoy every moment of this downtime for now, especially the part where my farmer and I skipped the movie, but bought the popcorn (probably not the last time we’ll do that!)

Just the popcorn, skip the movie.

Enjoy your moments. Skip the movie, and just eat the popcorn.



2 thoughts on “delayed farm friday – harvest on hold.

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