farm friday – the flip side.

Being a farm wife during harvest time undoubtedly has its downsides, but on the flip side, there are things that I’ve really enjoyed too.  Here is my unofficial “Harvest Perks” list of 2014:

  1. The house stays clean.  If you recall, I am a neat freak.  With Farmer J out of the house for 90% of the week, things don’t get too messy in here.  While I miss him, I don’t necessarily miss his messes.
  2. Cooking for one.  I can be fed with a single black bean and corn quesadilla.  When the husband is here, he obviously needs a bit more nutrition (which requires more effort).  It is kind of fun to return to my single girl diet some days!
  3. No pressure to make it home early.  In the last few weeks I have taken more yoga classes than usual and ran errands that I had been procrastinating for a while.  There isn’t the rush to get home to spend more time with the hubby, so I can be a bit more productive!
  4. Rides in the tractor.  It can get boring, but it is fun to spend time with Farmer J when possible.  To do that, I have to find my place in the buddy seat.
  5. Control of the remote.  If I want to watch Real Housewives of any city, no problem.  Tonight I am indulging in Say Yes to the Dress in serious binge mode.
  6. Girl time.  I have tried to make more efforts to get out of hermit mode and spend time with friends (and family who doubles as friends!)  Between football and shopping dates, it has been fun to reconnect with girlfriends.
  7. Surprise rain days or breakdowns.  These occurrences are not positives for the operation overall . . . but selfishly, I like when harvest goes on hold.
  8. Catching up on the books.  Only an accountant would pick this as a perk, but I seriously feel so much better when my accounts are balanced.  When Farmer J is free, this is something that typically gets pushed to the back burner . . . but when he is away . . . I reconcile away.
  9. Being useful.  I like helping the crew when I can . . . whether that means being a gopher or a chef, I like to contribute.  My go-to harvest meal for the team is lasagna.  It is easy to make, easy to transport, delicious, PLUS it uses beef.
  10. Cuddling with my kitty.  This may be news to some, but we have a new member of our family!  Farmer J has caved to my pleadings and let me have a house cat.  His name is Sox, and he does a fantastic job keeping me company on these long lonely nights.  He is also über cute.
Here he his!  Sox, one very cute kitty.

Here he his! Sox, one very cute kitty.

Happy weekend all!


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