365 (+ 2) days.

So the farmer and I have been married for a whole 367 days.  One year down, a lifetime more to go.

As you may remember, I was not one to love wedding planning, and I was happy when the event was over.  Our wedding was a wonderful day, and one that we will remember for years to come, but our focus has never been that particular event.  Our focus has been marriage . . . which is us, everyday, forever (even when you are cranky and just want to be alone).  So each year, when November 9th rolls around I will think about all the loved ones that gathered to celebrate us on that particular day and the beautiful feeling we had seeing everyone coming together for at great day of food, fellowship, and a bit of dancing.  Every other day of the year I will try to turn my focus more internal, on us.

Happy 365 (+2) days Farmer J.  Next year maybe I will even be able to run a tractor without auto-steer.



3 thoughts on “365 (+ 2) days.

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