the run down.

We’ve been busy.  I’m not complaining, but something had to give . . .  and the past few weeks it was the blog (always remembering to consciously not do it all).  Just so you’re in the know, here is the run down of some major events that have happened in our home.

  1. Visitors.  In the past couple of weeks, we have been lucky enough to have some friends visit our home.  We hosted friends from Alaska, Nebraska, and right here in Iowa.  This was a treat, because it’s not too often we have guests.  I cleaned feverishly and cooked up a storm in preparation. We have lovely dinners with our friends and I was happy to show them how much the home has been improved since I moved in :).
  2. Harvest 2014 is over.  Harvest’s end was not by choice.  Wicked January-like cold swept over the area and the ground quickly froze.  This prevented Farmer J from getting much of his tillage done and the cover crops didn’t survive the hard frost. Despite the short harvest season, I did manage to make my solo tractor driving début on our anniversary.  I “drove” the tractor using GPS which was VERY convenient.  I did have to turn the tractor myself and raise/lower the ripper, but most of the hard work was handled.  My few acres of tillage were some of the few that got completed, so I felt very helpful!
  3. Meetings, meetings, meetings.  We can’t seem to sit still around here.  Farmer J is active in our local Farm Bureau activities and just became an “elder” at church, so that is at least 2-3 meetings a month.  I am currently involved in a class called “Annie’s Project” which teaches women about agriculture, a regular at the local Zumba class, and still active in my local Pi Beta Phi alumnae club.  Basically, we seem to fill any spare moment.
  4. Local fun.  There is a misconception that there is nothing to do when you live in the “middle of nowhere.”  In the past few weeks, we have had lovely nights out.  We went to the local high school’s fall musical (the Music Man) on a fun date night, and attended an awesome “Under 40” networking event in our county.  I still have yet to find an extremely significant difference between the types of activities I did living in the city and those that we do living in rural America.  Sure, the options are fewer, but the types of activities are generally the same.  Basically you can stop worrying that I am rotting away due to boredom here.
  5. Our cat is earning his keep.  Sox killed his first mouse this week.  I was so happy I could have kissed him, but then I remembered he ate a mouse.  Mice are one of those unfortunate things that are inevitable in a country home, but if the cat can catch a few or at least act intimidating, he is well worth it (plus he is just so darn snugly, that helps too).

Have a happy Thanksgiving week all!


3 thoughts on “the run down.

  1. I am so proud of Sox! My nephew is soooooo talented.

    Is it bad I almost turned around to tell my coworker about Sox catching a mouse…than I thought about it, only you and I probably care.

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