15 in 2015.

I am not typically one for resolutions.  Like most people, I break them and then I feel bad about myself.  So for 2015, I have decided to make a “to do” list, since I tend to have better results with those. In no particular order, here is my 15 things to do for 2015:

  1. Play cribbage (or a substitute game) with Farmer J at least once a week.
  2. Go to a foreign country.  (I’ve been away before, but I am ready to get away again!)
  3. Send at least one piece (hopefully two) of snail mail a month.
  4. Re-unite with my 3 best friends at any location.
  5. Change my name on all my accounts.  More than one year after marriage, I still have accounts with my old name.  I probably should fix that sooner rather than later.
  6. Put the cell phone down after 8PM.  I am going to try my best on this one.
  7. Drive a tractor solo without auto steer.
  8. Finish the kitchen.  Our remodel in 2014 was a major change, but there is STILL a list of things pending completion.
  9. Try to can tomatoes.
  10. Complete my Beef Quality Assurance certificate.  This is a certification I started that gives guidelines for safe an sound beef production.
  11. Re-watch all 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix (mostly as background noise while cleaning!)
  12. Visit both of my brothers in their respective states.  (One trip is booked, so this one should be attainable)
  13. Purchase a new bedroom set . . . like we have been meaning to since we got married.
  14. Burn all my candles before I buy a new one.  I have an mild obsession with candles.
  15. Say more positive than negative things on Twitter.  It’s easy to be a hater / complainer behind your avatar, but I want to be more joyful.

Sharing this with you will hopefully make me more accountable, but honestly, if I don’t cross all these off in 2015 I will be satisfied as long as it is a happy and healthy year.  We all know that a lot can change in 365 days, so those simple goals are the most important to me.

Are you making any goals or resolutions for 2015?  If you are on the bandwagon, what are you doing?

Wishing you the best in 2015!

12 months of 2015.  Make it good.

12 months of 2015. Make it good.


3 thoughts on “15 in 2015.

  1. I like the to-do list idea…”resolutions” seem to freak me out.
    I am especially fond of #4, that is a must.

    Also I do read your blog religiously, and I often want to comment but then somehow never do. So perhaps that will be on my to-do list for 2015?

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