farm friday – spring progress.

Spring is busy, that ain’t no lie.

Here is a brief recap on the happenings.

(1) Planting is 99% done.  Last year I was very diligent about updating progress . . . this year not so much.  It has gone well and preliminary stand counts indicate a great crop.  The 1% that remains is where our cover crop is still growing.  We will cut that next week and the rye will feed the cattle.

(2) Travel.  We spent a lovely weekend in Northwest Iowa witnessing the marriage of two friends, and I spent a week in Charlotte for work.  I love to travel, but it usually doesn’t help me check stuff off my to do list!  (Like completing my post on our Greece trip which occurred way back in March!)  Plus business travel is not as exciting as people think it is.  Getting to eat sushi is about exciting as it gets!

(3) Home improvement is never ending. We have more projects than my 48 hour weekends can accomplish.  Our top accomplishments include painting and more painting, refurbishing our hand-me-down banquet, and finishing our long awaited kitchen backsplash!

(4) YARDWORK.  Spring is pretty, but I forgot how much work it is to mow your lawn, plant your garden, and find the perfect flowers for the landscaping.  We still haven’t gotten to the flowers . . . and my father-in-law has helped us with the mowing, so I shouldn’t complain too much.  One thing I am sure of is that we are excellent dandelion growers.  I think they are at least 50% of our yard.

(5) Loving life.  Spring is a welcome respite from the dark and cold nights of Midwest winters.  There has been plenty of fun even if we have been crazy busy.  We have had donut dates in the field, made our way through the third season of House of Cards, and had supper with Rand Paul (yes, the presidential candidate).

Happy spring friends!


6 thoughts on “farm friday – spring progress.

  1. Please email me the type of paint and color. That is exactly what I want for a dresser rehab. Maybe even my fireplace mantel!

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