the whirlwind adventure.

I have a good excuse for my absence.

I made the move!

After several months of job searching, things fell into place for my move closer to TJ.  I found a job in private industry that is only 45 minutes down the road from the farm.  I am still auditing, but I am the internal versus external auditor this time around.  The really amazing thing is that I now work significantly less but get paid 20% more.  I should have made the move ages ago!

That being said, my summer was crazy.  I worked like a mad woman through June/July for my last audit at the firm.  August was then spent packing up my life and saying goodbye . . . and then unpacking everything in my new locale.  September was basically a transition month as I got acclimated to the new commute, new apartment, and new job.  (I am still working on all of that!)

I am definitely loving the readjustment in my life.  My weekends no longer end with a sad, long, 2.5 hour car ride.  Instead they end with a manageable 45 minute long commute to work and a promise to see TJ again soon.

Don’t get me wrong . . . leaving was bittersweet.

As I was packing my belongings, the reality of the move hit me.  Nothing would ever be the same.   I was foregoing the life I knew and enjoyed, for the new adventure I was beginning with TJ.  It was one of those moments where I knew I would never be who I was there again.  (Are you following me with that sentence?)  This isn’t a bad thing, in fact I know in my gut it was the right thing . . . but it is a different thing.  Daily there are things I miss about old home . . . fewer crazy drivers on my commute, good girlfriends I can watch Bachelor Pad with in my sweat pants, and knowing where the perfect hole in the wall restaurants and bars are located.  There are amazing things here too though, and I am having fun exploring and trying to find my footing!
Hopefully the decrease in work hours means an increase in blog entries!  Only time will tell!

decision 2012.

Apologies that my blogging has been spotty (which is a generous term based on my performance).  During my last entry, I was pondering a big decision . . . and now I have finalized that decision.

For the last couple of months I have officially been job searching for positions closer to TJ.  I am so happy about the prospect of being closer to home, closer to TJ, and out of my current job.  Job searching has been an interesting process.  I know I am qualified to do just about anything in my field, but had a hard time communicating that on my resume . . . which had to be completed from scratch because I could not find ANY remaining artifacts from my college resume (yup the last time I interviewed for a job was 2007).  Once I got my resume put together, I was off and running.

I have submitted my resume many times to no response (which I just find to be completely rude), had one phone interview, and one actual full blow interview . . . which actually resulted in a job offer!  While this offer was extremely close to TJ, offered a competitive salary, and a fun work environment.  However, they were a start-up company and seemed to be working even MORE than I am, so I promptly turned that opportunity down.  Who knows . . . some day when they hit it big, I may regret missing out on the stock options they offered.  I decided that in the end, it seemed like the same problem but a different place.  It was nice to know I was desirable, but now I am scared that nothing else with come up!

Good news though . . . I do have another opportunity that I will be investigating (via an interview) this Friday!!  I am super pumped about this one.  Good company and good location.  This may be it!  Cross your fingers and say your prayers.  I am really excited to have the opportunity to interview with the Company, and I am hoping it is a good fit for me, so I can make my way east!

Other news, tonight I made a delicious wedge salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing.  DELICIOUS!  Thank you to the free Hy-Vee magazine for the recipe.  Also, TJ and I recently took our first official vacation to Colorado.  I simply loved spending so much time with him.  We both agreed that although we had to go our separate ways after 4 days, we still could have spent even more time together.  Sigh . . . good guy.

I have SO much to be happy about.  Just loving life.  The only thing I am dreading is leaving my dear Omaha friends.  The very good news is that it’s only 2.5 hours away.  Many visits will be possible.

Time to sleep!  I will try to write again soon!

and the hardest part.

So every weekend is amazing and every moment is nearly perfect.  Then it all has to end.  Every weekend my happiness returns to his position 2.5 hours away from me.  (Please let me clarify that I am happy without him, but my happiness increases exponentially around him . . . I feel like this is the difference between co-dependency and love).

I hate it to put it simply.

Here enters the current dilemma.  I can change this situation.  I dislike my job and I’m ready to find a new one, my lease ends in June, and moving there would put me even closer to my family.  Negatives, I have so many friends here and no one else except TJ there.

This is my latest quandary.  One that I think I know the answer to, but one that I am also scared about at the same time.  I just know that every weekend, the trip gets harder and harder.  Who knew that love could be so painful and so wonderful all at once?

a new endeavour.

I originally intended to begin my blogging adventure after college to document my way into the working world . . . now three years later and on the verge of the quarter-life milestone . . . I have decided it’s time.

I’m not going to promise myself I will write every day, and I’m not sure what I have to say will even be very entertaining or informative.  Despite this, I am here and ready to write.

More to come . . .