the quarter life crisis.

During the last 11 months of the year I have told people how excited I am to finally be turning 25, so I can officially have my quarter life crisis.  For those of you pondering the meaning of this, you may find it helpful to turn to the ever helpful Wikipedia

Many people give me a puzzled look when I mention this (probably due to the mention of crisis), but I actually see this as a potentially  positive turning point.  I am at a crossroads of sorts where it may be very easy to continue on with the status quo in my life and be content, but I keep struggling with the fact that this might also be the perfect time to just do something “crazy” (which is a very relative term for me) with my life. 

I’m not extremely disappointed with my young career so far, but I’m not extremely passionate about it either.  I’m not unhappy in my current Midwest city, but I’m curious too.  I’m not lonely and I love my independence, but I”m not opposed to meeting someone new.  These are all things that I have been mulling over lately. 

 The biggest question mark in my life now is the J-O-B.  It is always hard to describe my job to others, because it actually sounds insane when I talk to people about it . . . working crazy hours, sometimes seven days a week, and doing it all without overtime pay. Public accounting  is recognized as a great training ground for the financial world.  In order to get that training and serve our clients, we are willing to sacrifice our personal lives and most often adequate sleep.  There are a lot of positives about the profession such as the experiences I am allotted, working with people my age (whom I actually really enjoy working with), and working in a flexible and dynamic environment.  I am just struggling with at what point do the negatives start swallowing up the positive . . . and my personal life?

I think the biggest issue is that I don’t know what I really do want to do after life at my current job.  Do I want to find something I am passionate about, or move on to some staff accounting job where I will be occupied and stable?  Until I know what I want, I am scared to jump ship . . . thank you recession.

This is clearly going to take a lot of thinking . . . or maybe it will just come to me in a dream.

After all this . . . maybe I should just start my quarter life crisis out small . . . buy a new expensive purse?