weekend happenings.

This has been a very productive weekend for me . . . and I actually managed to achieve some semblance of work life balance.  AMAZING!

Friday started with a relatively short day at work and ended with a BBQ with my co-workers.  The BBQ was hosted at our former manager’s house (without his knowledge or explicit permission).  He moved out-of-state this spring, and due to the pain he has caused many of us at work, we decided that raiding his alcohol cabinet and using his house for a shin-dig was fair enough.  To disclaim this, he had mentioned to us previously that we were welcome to do this, so trespassing and stealing was not a threat.  The whole situation felt a little like a forbidden high school party (or what I would imagine that would have felt like).  Considering the “forbidden” nature of this gig, it was pretty tame (typical accountants).  We played yard games, ate pizza, and discussed our love for work.  It was a really good time, and just another reminder of how much I love my co-workers, and how hard it would be to work some place without such a young workforce.

Saturday I attended a wedding of a couple of my friends at church.  It was a very refreshing and original wedding.  Instead of having a big reception that lasted all night, they decided to have a casual ice cream social immediately after the service.  There was a cute local band, yummy ice cream, and lack of tradition for tradition’s sake.  I am certainly not judging those who do follow tradition and have the “normal” wedding festivities that everyone has come to expect, but this was refreshing and genuine.  Plus, as a guest, I highly appreciated not having to dedicate my entire day to a wedding . . . selfish but true.  Seeing someone go away from tradition was very liberating.  When I get married (if ever), my grand plan is to skip cake cutting, bouquet tossing, dollar dancing, garter tossing, etc.  As a 35 year-old bride, I don’t think any of this will make sense . . . and frankly those things sometimes make me roll my eyes at other weddings, and I don’t think I would feel differently about my own (again no offense to tradition loving people).  Maybe I will change my mind.  Wait another 10 years and see.

Since the wedding was short and sweet, I had time to run errands!  What a novel thing!  It has been so long since I was just able to run around to Target, The Loft, and the grocery store!  I was so excited that I dropped a fair amount of money on groceries at Trader Joe’s.  I went completely organic/vegetarian with my bounty.  I am not converting, but thought I’d try it for a day (had a burger tonight, so that didn’t last long).  I then spend the remainder of my evening watching Weeds on Netflix.  If you’ve never seen it, the show is about a suburban mother/drug-dealer.  I started watching it one night randomly, and now I can’t stop.  That is the terrible/beautiful thing about TV on DVD.  Addictive! 

Today, after making myself pancakes and eggs for breakfast, I went into work for the afternoon.  A funny thing happened this afternoon . . . I booked a trip to the UK for this September.  I have been loosely throwing this around with a girl I work with (who is also my sorority sister) for a while.  We took the plunge today because the tickets were under a thousand dollars (hard to do these days!)  The details of the trip have not been finalized.  Considering it’s just a few months away, we should probably do a little research!!  I’m excited and nervous at the same time, but I figured that if there was ever a perfect time to travel . . . it was now. 

More on the trip later!