Apparently I am a monthly blogger.  Here I sit and it is practically the EOY (end of year).  It is time for holiday parties, too much food, and the beginning of another busy season.  As much as I love the holiday season, I truly find it to be insanely stressful.  I am trying to finish millions of loose ends at work so I can take a rejuvenating two-week pre-busy season vacay, I’m trying to find appropriate and semi-thoughtful Christmas presents for my friends and family (and BF), and I’m trying to stop and enjoy it all!

So much has happened since my last blogging session.  TJ joined my family for Thanksgiving dinner, which was definitely not a mandatory event in my book, but was much appreciated and very enjoyable (I think he gets a long with my family splendidly).  I enjoy every spare moment I get to spend with him, which often involves leaving very early on Monday mornings to return to work.  He continues to cooks me amazing meals, be nothing but fun, and just a good down to earth guy.  I am often quite sad to return on Monday mornings when the happiness I feel on the weekend is compared to my relative unhappiness with my work life.

Work is work.  I am locked in for another long winter.  I had a heart to heart with my performance manager this week discussing my future prospects at the firm.  I told him I could not continue if I continued to work on the client I have been auditing for the past four years.  I am very resentful towards them (as I feel like I have poured a lot of my prime years into serving them), and I do not see the future getting any brighter.  He then challenged me to decide what my ideal schedule would look like.  What clients would I like to work on?  What specialties would I like to develop?  What do I need to be successful when I leave the firm?  These were really hard questions.  I’m still not sure what my next move is post public accounting.  I honestly think that a lot of it has to do with the future (if any . . . although I hope there is) of my relationship with TJ.

He and I haven’t really discussed in detail the future.  We will probably need to do that in the somewhat near future.  I don’t want to scare him off, but I do really need to know where this is going (so far I think it’s going well).  I don’t really remember how to have these conversations . . . not that they really panned out for me before . . . but I guess I will have to figure it out.  The good news is that I think our future goals are syncing up nicely.  I always wanted a small-town life comparable to my upbringing and that is in his cards.  Plus, it would be even closer to my family.  Another huge positive.  Now I just have to convince my best friends to move back too (HINT).

Other news:  I went to New Hampshire for work.  A hipsters paradise.  Although I have only been in my apartment a whopping 8 days or so during this month, I did decide not to be a Scrooge and decorated for Christmas.  TJ and I went ice skating last night.  SO fun.  I love sending Christmas cards.  Getting and sending Christmas cards is by FAR my favorite holiday tradition.  I absolutely adore my Kindle.  We are approaching my one year anniversary of being an e-reader.  All those who think they will miss books . . . nah . . . you won’t.

Merry Christmas to all!