i should be sleeping.

Early night off! 

Of course, when there is an early night off, I like to indulge in my DVR (versus getting the sleep my body craves).  Right now, the highlight of my weekly line-up is your typical 20-something, single girl classic . . . The Bachelorette.  Say what you want, but this show is fascinating.  (You can tell me over and over that it’s impossible to fall in love on a TV show . . . I probably won’t disagree . . . but it is pure American-made manufactured drama.)  I love the competition, the heartbreak, the cheesy dates, etc.  Some secret part of me always does want it to work for the Bachelor/Bachelorette . . . call it the gushy part of me.  However, usually these relationships fail miserably. 

That being said, I’m not really sure at what point you exhaust all other potential options to find a significant other and decide to find love on national television? 

I will never try the Bachelor route, because I know I’m not good casting material . . . but I’m having a smaller scale dilemma.  At what point do you decide that you’re ready to try the world of online dating?

I’ve been happily single for quite some time now . . . but lately I’ve been pondering the prospects of on-line dating.  There is nothing creepy or weird about doing this in 2011 . . . but yet I hesitate.  I think the deep seeded nagging thing I’m struggling with is does this mean that I am throwing in the towel on someone actually meeting me in person first and deciding that I am an intelligent, beautiful, and amazing girl?  Call me old-fashioned, but it’s hard for me to let go of that.  (P.S. I know this sounds irrational and stupid.)

The truth is that it’s probably the best/only way I will meet someone right now.  Clearly with my work schedule, I’m not out meeting a ton of new people . . . and I’m NOT dating anyone that I work with.  I just haven’t taken the leap to do it.  Considering my schedule, I’m not sure where on-line dating would even fit???  It sounds like a lot of work.  I do suppose it would provide sufficient blogging material at the very least .

I will continue to put this decision off for another day.  I’m  pretty good at that.

Off to bed before 1:00AM!