and the hardest part.

So every weekend is amazing and every moment is nearly perfect.  Then it all has to end.  Every weekend my happiness returns to his position 2.5 hours away from me.  (Please let me clarify that I am happy without him, but my happiness increases exponentially around him . . . I feel like this is the difference between co-dependency and love).

I hate it to put it simply.

Here enters the current dilemma.  I can change this situation.  I dislike my job and I’m ready to find a new one, my lease ends in June, and moving there would put me even closer to my family.  Negatives, I have so many friends here and no one else except TJ there.

This is my latest quandary.  One that I think I know the answer to, but one that I am also scared about at the same time.  I just know that every weekend, the trip gets harder and harder.  Who knew that love could be so painful and so wonderful all at once?


life is dandy.

Oops.  It has been awhile again.  I am currently “enjoying” a weekend sans boyfriend (it has been a while, and I don’t necessarily enjoy it).  With this being a busy time for me, and the amount of time he doesn’t plan on working next weekend for his birthday, we decided it wasn’t imperative to see each other this weekend.  Good thing too . . . because the weather has turned wintery.  I found this to be a positive as I did not have to be disappointed by the plans of mother nature, rather it was a conscious decision.

TJ and I are still going strong.  I miss the boy when I’m not with him and look forward to talking with him daily.  He is awfully thoughtful with morning phone calls and texts just to wish me a good day, and I try to do my part to help him out around the farm when I am there (not sure how much help I actually provide . . . I have gotten pretty good at opening gates, shooting a BB gun, and looking authoritative so the cattle don’t get out of the pen).  Here is a picture I took one night helping with chores (I am definitely more of an afternoon chore helper).

Cattle on the Farm.

I just realized I haven’t even updated my throngs of readers regarding Christmas!  It was lovely being home to see my family and friends (K&S especially . . . missed you J) and to see TJ multiple times!  I didn’t ask for much for Christmas, because I really have everything I need to survive.  The rest is just fluff (I should have reminded myself of that today at Target . . . oops!)  TJ got me a tea themed gift, since I had mentioned several times how much I loved afternoon tea in London.  He got me various tea items and the main gift was a lovely bright blue kettle.  It’s this kind my Grandma P. has that whistles when your water is ready.  It is so pretty, and I have proudly display it on my stove top ever since.  I got him some wine glasses, a t-shirt of my alma mater, and I baked him a pie!

TJ once remarked to me that if I couldn’t make a pie, it was probably a deal breaker.  Although I had never made a pie, I enjoy a challenge and knew that I had the basic skills to do so.  The week of Christmas I was convinced this would be a really good addition to my gift, so I asked everyone I knew for their best pie-making advice (everyone has advice, seriously).  On Christmas Day afternoon, I began my pie making adventure (I even hand delivered it warm that night).  Let’s just say I found it to be a tad stressful, and I don’t think I will be baking pies every Sunday like my Grandma.  That being said, I got good reviews from TJ and his sister who both agreed with a few more attempts I could possibly enter the league of their mother (I am sure this is just flattery to ensure another pie someday!)  Take a look at the finished results!

My first pie!

Work has also been going surprisingly well . . . knock on wood.  I haven’t been working until midnight daily . . . just 9PM, which is a big improvement in my eyes.  I will continue to remain hopeful that this pattern will stay for the remainder of busy season.  This reduced work load might actually work!  In other work news, I have applied and interviewed for an internal rotation in the firm’s Audit Learning and Development department.  This would be a three-month rotation to work in that practice developing trainings for auditors starting at the firm.  The catch is that it would also require me to move to Montvale, NJ for those three months.  It isn’t exactly paradise, but it is close to NYC, and they would fly me back home every other weekend.  We’ll see if I get it!  I am happy that I’ve at least tried!

Last semi-random thought.  A while back I made these amazing homemade mozzarella sticks.  If you are looking for a fun snack to serve at a Super Bowl party this weekend, these would be a great option!  I got the recipe from the Pepperidge Farm website.  They were delicious!

Delicious Snack!


Have a happy and healthy weekend!!